These are the 'World's Top Ten Most Used Emojis for the Year 2021' according to Emojipedia, and with data gathered from Twitter and Unicode.


The Loudly Crying Face has become the most popular emoji on Twitter as of March 2021, it’s supposed to convey intense emotional pain, though is sometimes used to signal overwhelming joy as well.
This Face With Tears of Joy was named the Oxford Dictionaries 2015 Word of the Year, and the most used emoji on all platforms since 2011
Pleading Face, a.k.a puppy dog eyes emoji, can represent the act of pleading as well as adoration. Recently, TikTok users started using it in a sequence with pointing hands to indicate shyness
Rolling on the Floor Laughing, better known as the acronym ROFL, but did you know that Microsoft's design previously featured it with hands and feet?
Sparkles is one of the most cryptic emojis, it can stand for beauty, love and newness alike or as a form of emphasis
Red Heart. This classic emoji used to be coded as black in the UCD, that’s why back in 1993, the Red Heart became part of Unicode 1.1 under the name “Heavy Black Heart”
Folded Hands - Originally a nod to the Japanese thank you gesture, however it’s more commonly known as the prayer emoji and rarely as high-five
Smiling Face with Heart-Eyes commonly used to express enthusiasm for something, but also adoration and fondness
Smiling Face with Hearts is design to express a range of positive feelings, but mainly as being in love. The number of hearts displayed varies by platform
Smiling Face with Smiling Eyes used to express happiness and warm feelings, it originates from the ^^ emoticon